Why Onavo App is a Traveler’s Must Have?


In the current era of a smartphone savvy population we expect data sharing tools to be constantly at the tips of our fingers. With everyone using the Internet throughout the day, it is easy to forget that unlimited data plans are not available to each and every smartphone user. Onavo has designed a new and innovative application that allows smartphone users to regulate and track their mobile data usage.

Split into three sub-apps called Onavo Count, Onavo Extend and Onavo Protect, with each one providing a different data protection and data saving service, the award-winning utility app has attracted millions of users worldwide since its creation in 2010. Among those millions of users are international travellers keen to keep the phone bills down and international roaming SIM card companies, such as TravelSim, eager to improve cross boarder mobile usage for their customers.

Onavo Count tracks and examines your mobile data usage and compares your results to the average Onavo user. All the while Onavo Count directs your mobile network communications via company servers to save battery life.

Additionally, Onavo Extend runs a data compression service, directing all data downloaded over LTE, EDGE and 3G via Onavo servers. The application works in the background to save data and automatically turns itself off when connected to Wi-Fi for a high quality and economic service.

These applications have proven particularly useful for smartphone users abroad. Onavo Count allows such users to be prudent with the limited data allowance they have when searching for hotels, places to eat and things to do while on the go. Onavo Extend then allows smartphone users to make the most of other data sharing applications without spending more on their data plan: send more email, share more photos and stay better connected with friends.



Finally, Onavo Protect was created to track down and defend against the rising amount of websites that are conspicuously sharing users’ personal information. With a built-in alert system Onavo Protect warns you of fraudulent and harmful websites, something of a common occurrence when searching foreign or unfamiliar websites.

Being a Facebook offshoot company, the applications are also highly innovative and full of cool features. From the interactive graphs with detailed monthly and daily data usage statistics to the new VPN connection helping you improve connection speeds.

Thanks to the Onavo apps, you can track your data, save money and finally roam worry free.