We introduce the richest cat in the world: Choupette

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She makes her money almost playfully. In the twinkling of an eye she has earned 3 million dollars last year. Well, perhaps we should also mention that it’s not just any cat, but Choupette. The cat of fashion guru Karl Lagerfeld. By now, she is already earning annually more than many could ever earn in a whole life with a normal job. In her defense, we have to admit she does look charming. Additionally, she is also hardworking and not satisfied with only one job alone – no, she has two jobs.

Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette

Snow white fur and sparkling blue eyes – almost no one can resist that. She purred and lounged like a thoroughbred professional in a car and let herself be photographed in all sorts of poses and expertly flirted with the camera. Opel was the sponsor of the shoot and she surely earned her catnip. She also posed in the spotlight for a Japanese beauty company which earned her $ 3 000 000. Knowing Lagerfeld’s eccentricity, it comes to no surprise that she gets to keep her own money. How does a cat spend a 3 million annual salary? No one really knows. After all, how many cat treats can one eat in a year … Not only does she earn money effortlessly, she also has hoards of followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. A healthy 50 000 on Twitter. Due to her beauty and gentle way, her fans follow her everywhere.


However, we must not forget that the competition is not sleeping (at least not always … even if our feline friends enjoy their prolonged snoozes). Before the spotlight even found Choupette, Grumpy the cat was already a superstar. She is one of the most successful cats in animal history. With her grouchy face, she even managed to earn more than Christiano Ronaldo. She is listed on third place on Forbes list, shortly after Robert Downey Jr. and Dwayne Johnson. Moreover, she is the official mascot for Friskies and alone on Amazon over 10 000 products with her face can be acquired. The only difference between Choupette and Grumpy is that Choupette made headlines with her beauty whereas Grumpy became famous for its … well you know …

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