The World’s Most Expensive Easter Bunny


Every year Easter returns and we gorge ourselves on chocolate. This is one chocolate however that you might want to preserve for a bit longer. Meet the world’s most expensive Easter bunny. Made by a master chocolatier from 75% Tanzanian cocoa and featuring two solitaire diamonds, this sweet creation is worth £33,000.

The bunny measures 38cm tall, and weighs 5kg, with a total of 548,000 calories. The truly luxurious feature of this Easter rabbit however, is its eyes: 1.07-carat solitaire diamonds valued at more than £25,000.

The ambitious project took two days to complete and was undertaken by pastry chef and former Chef Décor of Harrods in London, Martin Chiffers, who called the rabbit a “culinary phenomenon”.

The Easter bunny was commissioned by British luxury retail site and the diamonds were provided by 77 Diamonds, owner of the largest selection of diamonds in the world.