The Crew Coach



Alison Rentoul is ‘The Crew Coach’. Her sixteen years’ experience in the yachting industry as a stewardess and chef in various locations throughout the Mediterranean and the Caribbean have lead her to advise and instruct aspiring yacht crew on how to achieve a successful career through her website The Crew Coach.

She was born in Melbourne, Australia and later moved to Europe where she began her career in yachting. After moving back ashore Alison returned to her original career in marketing, working in small start-up businesses on the French Riviera and at large international companies including top international yacht brokerages. Alison moved into professional coaching in 2009 and for the past three years has also been providing leadership training to the Captains of the Camper and Nicholsons worldwide managed yachts and charter fleet.


Her combined expertise and experiences in yachting and marketing make Alison a trusted authority on yacht crew development. She channels her industry insights through her website with regular informative blogs offering professional guidance on how to build a successful career in the yacht industry. The Crew Coach regularly attracts large numbers of job seekers searching for career building advice affecting professional yacht crew.

Alison now appears at some of the largest yachting events and exhibitions including international yacht shows and regattas to offer her qualified opinion on how best to navigate the challenging task of working one’s way up the yacht industry ladder.