Stardance by Louis Moinet -The World’s Only Interstellar Diamond Watch.


The award-winning brand Louis Moinet brings to you Stardance, a watch that defines space and time.

Louis Moinet, an extraordinarily talented watchmaker of the 18th century, created watches that in speed and power took over a century to beat. Moinet built watches for the century’s most revered figures including Napoleon Bonaparte, King George IV, Thomas Jefferson and more.

Today, the Louis Moinet brand carries on the tradition of producing watches with futuristic mechanics and innovative design. Stardance is no exception to this rule as it is the world’s first and only watch with interstellar diamonds.

The Display back of Louis Moinet's Female Luxury Watch - StardanceThis beautiful watch has a Mother-of Pearl dial in Moinet’s signature Côtes du Jura guilloche and it displays the sun and moon (day and night). The moon phase indicator conjures the night as it reveals the Enstatite EH3 meteorite. This meteorite, believed to have originated from Mecury’s orbit, contains glittering nano-diamonds that capture the eye as they reflect the sun’s gaze. The dark blue aventurine mineral background enhances the mesmerising twinkling of the astronomical diamonds. The silvery sun records the second hand. A diamond-encrusted bezel compliments the watch’s face and the light grade 5, polished titanium case makes this watch light and comfortable.

One can see the mechanical mastery of the watch’s automatic movement by examining its reverse side. Whilst the sunrays line the rotor the new moon is placed upon the central disk. Together they compliment and continue the day-night theme.

This watch gleams with sophistication and is held in place by a white alligator leather strap finished with a white alligator pigment treatment.

For more information about the history, the design and the material of these watches visit the Louis Moinet site.