Sol Table: The Latest Development for the Hospitality Industry


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In today’s digital world, it’s hardly a secret that we are increasingly reliant on portable devices for connectivity, from smartphones, to tablets, notebooks and laptops. This puts more pressure on battery usage and performance; we’re sure we’re not alone in the frustration felt at just how quickly the power is eaten up on today’s smartphone! Yet, we expect so much from this, and other, electronic devices. This is where the solar charging table from Sol NRG comes in.

For restaurant and café owners, it is hoped that this new technology can revolutionise what they offer to customers. Purchasing the table can be used to generate good press and improve customer retention and satisfaction. As mentioned above, it is a problem that many of us will have faced at one stage, hoping to meet a friend or colleague and being low on battery, but a coffee shop or restaurant which allows you and your phone to refuel is a good solution to this. The table is as portable as the electronic device you are charging, ensuring that hotels and cafés can place them in areas which do not usually benefit from a power source. This allows full use of terraces by customers and the table can be placed in a garden.

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