Showdown: Ibiza Luxury Villas vs. 5-Star Hotels

infinity pool with view ibiza

If you are planning an exceptional holiday getaway for this summer, there is hardly a better destination than Ibiza, Spain. Ever the clubbing capital of the world, Ibiza has much more to offer than just bars, clubs and parties that cater for all ages. It is also the island of exceptional beauty ideal for family holidays, celebrations and weddings. The island with its stunning beaches, azure waters, friendly locals and excellent Spanish cuisine is one of the best places in the Mediterranean to unwind and escape from it all.

Once you have booked your flights, what follows is the often-lengthy search for accommodation. “Luxury villa or five-star hotel?” – you ask yourself. Although staying in a 5-star hotel has its own advantages, we say forget the traditional accommodation and opt for one of those famous minimalist Ibiza villas and here are the reasons why.

Ibiza is one destination where competition is strong between villa rental agencies and hotels, the latter of which have really raised their game in the past few years. The opening of the ME Hotel and the Hard Rock Hotel – the first of its kind in Europe – has further increased this competition. These new hotels are offering new services traditionally associated with a villa rental, such as private pools and Jacuzzis in the best suites. The major advantage of a hotel is, of course, the flexibility of your stay, which can be as little as a couple of days, whereas villa owners prefer to have either a week or two-week rental.

Luxury Villa Cardona, Ibiza

However, whilst hotels offer flexibility in this respect, there are many other manners in which a luxury villa can offer so much more. Villas on the island with their white minimalist decors, mind-blowing infinity pools and exceptional outdoor spaces set among pine trees and palms, provide an ideal backdrop for a luxury holiday getaway to Ibiza and also give you freedom to lead a lifestyle you want. If you would like to eat your breakfast at midday after an evening out experiencing what Ibiza’s nightlife has to offer, you can. If you would like to do little more than relax by the pool and cook up a barbecue for lunch one day, you can. This is before we mention the level of privacy found in a villa rental, which far exceeds anything that a hotel can offer, even in their best suites. Whilst hotels on the White Isle are now offering pools and Jacuzzis, nothing can beat having your own pool and large garden area, especially if you are travelling with a larger group.

A simple price comparison will also show that those travelling in a larger group will benefit from much better rates when booking a villa on the island, instead of several rooms in a hotel. For example a stay in ME Hotel in August for eight adults will cost guests at least €16,000 for a week, for the most basic of packages and without the stunning views and private pools that a villa such as Casa Lagartija – which sleeps ten – offers for €9,880 a week. While the hotel offers benefits such as a 24-hour reception, the villa can come with concierge services that rival any five-star hotel.

Luxury Villa Can Palerm in IbizaExtended families or groups of friends also have a large amount of common areas to relax in and can be safe in the knowledge that if they leave something outside, or around the property, they can come back to it later in the day without it being touched. In this sense, a villa really can be a home away from home.

Finally, one area where villa rental agencies in Ibiza have really upped the ante is the introduction of concierge services akin to those offered in a five-star hotel. Luxury villas in Ibiza now come with the added option of childcare services, a chauffeur, private chefs and cleaners, which will make the stay that extra bit special and ensure guests have the most relaxing experience possible. Why push yourself to wake up before 11 a.m. after a long night partying in order to catch the Continental breakfast, if you can have a tailored gourmet breakfast served by a private chef at the time you choose?

There are many advantages of both hotels and villas and any eventual decision may depend on the type of holiday guests are looking for. For a central location, hotels probably still remain the best choice, yet for extra flexibility and a secluded (yet located close to sought after destinations), spacious place to stay, a luxury villa is simply the best option.