The Most Expensive Goody Bags Ever?


What do you buy someone who’s got everything? Well, those folk at this year’s Emmys sure know. The 2014 awards ceremony included some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, each one worth millions of dollars themselves. But while Bryan Cranston and the Breaking Bad crew were on the stage scooping the big prizes, the audience were each collecting some valuable prizes of their own.

Even those who lost still won in many respects with the goody bags for this year worth an estimated $50, 000. Here are a selection of the included items:

1. Corazons Custom Catering – Value: $225

Each recipient of the 2014 Emmy goody bag was lucky enough to receive an invitation to dine with up to 15 friends and family guests on $225 worth of fancy Filipino-French fusion food thanks to Corazon Custom Catering.

2. David Barton Gym Membership – Value $700

After all that food at Corazons, you need to stay in shape if you want to get far in Hollywood.  Luckily David Barton Gym had the solution witha  six month membership at their lavish gym set up

3. Psychic Reading – Value $1,500

A free psychic reading conducted by expert psychologist Joanna Garzilli was one of the more extravagant prizes in the goody bags. Perhaps Joanna Garzilli can work her psychic wisdom on the celebrities to inspire them to triumph at next year’s Emmys…

4. A Trip to Cancun – Value: $2,000

A 4 day relaxation trip to Cancun seems like a reasonable reward for those tense and nervy moments at the Emmys. Celebrities can enjoy the 39 treatment room spa and 27-hole Jack Nicklaus golf course there to unwind.

5.Maxim Mattress – Value $3,000

As if the spa and golf trip to Cancun wasn’t enough, Maxim Mattress offer its celebrity clients at the Emmys a luxurious queen-size mattress complete with a $1,000 luxury line gift certificate. Dreams about next year’s Emmys are going to be even sweeter!

6. A Luxury Skiing Holiday at Aspen’s The Little Nell – Value $4,000

The beaches of Cancun not really your thing? Well fortunately, if that’s the case 5 star hotel, The Little Nell, have a welcome alternative. This luxury hotel offers ski-in and ski-out access to the beautiful Aspen Mountain range plus all the pampering a celebrity could need.

7. A Trip to Mulia Resort in Bali – Value: $10,000

With all these holidays, it’s a good thing that celebrities have more vacation time than most. Perhas top of the list is a five day trip to Mulia Resort in Bali where Hollywood actors can dine at the luxury restaurant on the beach front and enjoy spa treatment and ocean view apartments.