Luxury & Services Rent Adds Ferrari and Lamborghini to Fleet


The company’s impressive fleet already includes Bentley, Aston Martin, Maserati and Audi.

Prestige car rental experts Luxury & Services Rent has announced two new editions to its fleet for the upcoming high season. The company, which has its base in the French Riviera, has unveiled a new white Lamborghini Huracán and is awaiting the arrival of a Ferrari California which will be added to the company’s Ferrari hire options.

The Lamborghini Huracán is a remarkable piece of machinery. The latest model was reviewed here by Luxisto, and will surely be extremely popular with clients heading to the French Riviera this year. While Luxury & Services Rent promotes safe driving, the figures the car posts are impressive; it reaches 60 miles per hour in just three seconds and hits top speeds of over 200 mph.


The new addition was recently put through its paces on the beautiful French Riviera, where photos and videos were taken on a beautiful sunny morning. The Huracán roared through the glamorous seaside town of Antibes, past five star hotel Eden Roc and around the coastal road, with the images giving potential clients a glimpse of what they could experience this year.

Lamborghini celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013 and is looking to remain at the forefront of design and engineering throughout the next half century. Both Italian manufacturers are renowned globally for creating innovative and top quality automobiles which are characterised by sleek contours, racing lines and impressively powerful engines.

Ferrari, which is famously based in Modena, is probably the most famous car manufacturer on the planet, and most importantly the brand everybody dreams of driving as they grow up. Luxury & Services Rent will be hoping that some people would like to follow their dream and rent the California model. The company is now eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Ferrari California towards the end of July 2014, a convertible car which will be the perfect way to enjoy the warm weather of the South of France. The most recent model of the Ferrari California is cutting-edge, and characterised by its light-weight, modern exterior. It is surely the best way to experience the open roads of France and Italy this summer.

For those who are considering the possibility of buying or renting a luxury car, but cannot quite make the decision, perhaps this review of how it feels like to drive a Bentley will help you make up your mind. If you would like to rent one of the Luxury & Services Rent exceptional car range, there is a variety of rental options and alternatives which include drop off and pick up in various cities in the South of France, Italy and Spain.