Experiencing Luxury in a Bentley Continental GT: A Testimonial

Bentley Continental GT

The only way to describe driving a Bentley would be to say that you are driving into a new world. When you cruise comfortably down the road in a spacious, plush interior, the world feels like a better place.

The car itself is a work of art, as you would expect from a Bentley, full of smooth contours and a lovely polished wood interior, whilst the seats appear to be molded with your body in mind. The obvious thought that has gone into the design of the interior is such a genuine treat that you feel ready to move into the car and live the rest of your days there.

Although the Bentley Continental GT and the Bentley brand in general is not about speed, marketed more towards pure, unadulterated luxury, the car reaches the surprising maximum of 198 miles per hour. Even more incredible from a car which does not necessarily appear built to race, is the acceleration, as the car goes from 0-60 in just 4.5 seconds. To put this another way; the Aston Martin DB9 reaches the same speed in about the same time, so the power of the Bentley Continental GT is a pleasant surprise. Yes, it is still not among the fastest supercars out there, but even with a light touch on the accelerator you still roar off into the distance leaving other road users in your trail.

Driving a Bentley brings with it several advantages, you are treated with respect on the road, with most assuming that you are either among the world’s most successful business man, or a world class athlete. Driving around the UK becomes a different kettle of fish; the once seemingly endless haul on the motorway is changed and the drive becomes one to savour. It is difficult to say whether this would remain the case if you had access every single day to a multitude of different sports cars, but it certainly seems likely that any journey would be better in a Bentley.

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