How to Look Your Best this Summer


Summer is that time of the year when visits to the beach become inevitable and sipping at ice cold cocktails in St Tropez is just another part of a perfect afternoon in the hazy sun. It’s never too early to start thinking about looking your best on the beach.

Looking and feeling your best in the summer heat can be a challenge because of the limited options of clothes, also not everybody is comfortable in short dresses! However, it is not always what you wear; the way you carry yourself and the style of clothing can give you an edge over others.

If you want to look like a stunning teenage model this summer, here are a few tips which might help:

  • If you have long hair, it is best to keep it up when going out. Apart from being free from sweat, it will keep you cool and looking chic. There are many styles which you can use for keeping it up and according to your attire; you can choose the best one.
  • The lesser the makeup, the better you look in the summers. Keep it to a minimum, a little color for the lips, mascara (water proof so that it does not get smudged due to sweat) and a light blush should do it.
  • As mentioned earlier, people throng the beaches during summer. Though it is a good way of getting a tan the natural way, you need to take precautions to avoid excessive tanning and preserve your skins youthfulness. Many celebrities confess to wearing a high factor suncream all year round to protect their skin.
  • Take out your shorts and tank tops and keep them ready when you face the sun. There can be nothing more comfortable than these on a day out. Comfortable and short floral skirts can also be worn to tackle the heat in this season.
  • Use a concealer instead of foundation cream. This works very well with the little amount of makeup that you would use and will also cover the blemishes, if any.
  • Always wear sun glasses in the bright sunlight, squinting at the glare of the sun can cause premature wrinkles around the eyes.
  • While choosing a swim suit, ensure that it fits your body type. There are many styles available and instead of buying something that your friends have, buy one that enhances your figure and makes you look more attractive.