IMAX Cinemas are the New Superyacht Craze


The world’s new largest sailing superyacht is to be fitted with the first private IMAX cinema theatre at sea. The project is being overseen by superyacht designer Ken Freivokh in collaboration with Yacht Intelligence.

The mystery owner of the 492 foot yacht will be treated to a cinematic experience like no other. Located at the bottom of the ship in a recreational salon affectionately named the Nemo Room, an enormous dual 4k projection screen will provide high quality home entertainment.

The most minute details have been taken into consideration in the conception of this extraordinary undertaking. The ship’s relatively small hull posed problems during the integration of the complex IMAX calibration sensors and equipment. The Nemo Room’s construction and design wasn’t a simple task either given the unique layout of the ship’s hull. The latest technology and finest furniture were used to overcome the issues and ensure an authentic IMAX cinema experience.

The screen isn’t reserved exclusively for Hollywood movies however. The ship’s underwater CCTV cameras will also transmit live images of the marine life to the big screen for a unique viewing experience. The ambitious IMAX team encountered further problems when assessing how to download the huge IMAX files via satellite Internet connection.

Commenting on the sophisticated project, founder of Yacht Intelligence, Alan Bernardi said “With IMAX’s strict parameters and incredibly specific technological requirements, our first challenge was to persuade them to take us seriously and prove that it would be possible to create a truly unique private theatre on a superyacht,”.

“We’ve always been a company that likes a challenge and to push the boundaries of what’s possible. That’s what we are doing again here and I firmly believe that our work will change the way people look at AV on superyachts in the future.”

The expected date of completion and the owner remain a mystery but what is certain is that IMAX entertainment is set to take the superyacht world by storm.