Ideas for a Luxury Honeymoon on the French Riviera



There are few places that marry luxury and romance quite so effortlessly as the French Riviera. Here, artists and authors find inspiration in the Côte d’Azur’s unique landscape; here, jet-setting millionaires come to relax on sandy beaches; and above all couples come here to create unforgettable holiday memories.

From St Tropez to Monaco and everything in between. From the luscious green hilltops of Provence to the azure blue water of the Mediterranean. The French Riviera embodies all that is luxurious and romantic. Here are some ideas for the perfect luxury honeymoon on the French Riviera.

A Romantic Villa in Provence


There are many luxury villa rentals on the French Riviera. Each one offers something different be it by the sea, in the town or atop the mountains. However, they all naturally capture France’s unique and alluring blend of rich cultural and historical heritage with beautiful landscapes. The perfect example would be Domaine de Sylviane, a former monastery built in 1697 and found near the picture perfect village of Valbonne. Now a 5-bedroom property for rent, the historic estate promises relaxation and serenity among the rolling hills of Provence.

Away from all the bustle of the French Riviera’s coastal towns, Domaine de Sylviane conjures thoughts of lavish moonlit dinners upon vast green gardens, regal interiors in luxury accommodation, and peaceful walks in the countryside with views down to the Mediterranean. Nearby Valbonne awaits with its paved medieval town square, quaint boutiques and gourmet restaurants. Cleanse yourself with the sounds, sights and tastes of Provence.

ferrari monaco

To venture down to the coast and among the Côte d’Azur’s more famous and glamorous towns, a luxury car hire in France is the perfect companion to a rural property in Provence. From Valbonne, honeymooning couples can be in Antibes and Cannes within thirty minutes. As a luxury experience, there are few that can rival a cruise along the famous Boulevard de la Croisette in a Ferrari rental car. As a romantic experience, there are few more thrilling than driving a convertible upon the winding mountain roads over Monaco.

A Beach-side Break


For an entirely different experience, some newlywed couples might prefer a coastal villa on the French Riviera. A honeymoon upon the French Mediterranean coast is surely one of the most romantic luxuries any couple could wish to experience, granting direct access to some of the world’s most sought after beaches and most glamorous towns. With so many seaside properties to choose from, couples can truly handpick their holiday home and its location. Be enchanted by scenes of blossoming bougainvillaea, terracotta rooftops and piercing blue sea while enjoying a glass of chilled rosé from the comfort of an infinity pool or private terrace. This is a refined luxury befitting a happily married couple in search of a new romantic adventure.


From St Tropez’s charming port to the red carpets of Cannes, onto Nice’s pretty old town and Monaco’s lavish casinos. With so much to see and so little time to see it during a honeymoon in the French Riviera, a helicopter charter is the ultimate companion to a contemporary holiday villa on the coast. Take the Cannes to Nice helicopter for stunning views that few other eyes have laid sight upon and arrive in unparalleled style and comfort and in record time. A luxury helicopter charter will transport you from one end of the French Riviera in St Tropez, across golden sand, islands of ochre rock, through ancient forts and verdant hillsides to finally arrive in Monaco in under twenty five minutes.

A Luxury Yachting Experience


The pinnacle of luxury is surely a French Riviera yacht charter. One of the most visited coastlines, unique in its beauty and charm, the French Riviera has forever been attracting yachting royalty. A honeymoon is the perfect opportunity to experience that dreamed of luxury utopia. Bustling with numerous lavish events, boasting beautiful beaches, emerald green islands and charming coves, the French Riviera is one of the best destinations for luxury yachting.


Couples can hope for unbridled pampering by a private crew, exclusive water sports thrills and gourmet food deliveries direct to your plate for exotic meals in the amber light of the sunset. Meanwhile, let your captain whisk you away to the next exotic destination and arrive in style at the most glamorous ports in the world. A luxury yacht charter is the experience of freedom, romance and luxury at its most pure.