Online Visibility is Ever-More Important for High-end Brands

luxury brands have begun to use online marketing strategies

It seems that we will soon be consigning the idea that luxury brands do not need to promote themselves online to the dustbin. In the age where the computer is king, even the most top-end products need to be visible online. This marks a huge change from a few years ago, when luxury brands dismissed online advertising and shopping as beneath their clientele.

These companies were worried that any move towards online marketing would result in their products being less exclusive, something they traditionally pride themselves on. However, even the most exclusive brands have to go with the times, otherwise they risk being overtaken by their rivals. The decision to go digital was not taken lightly, given that it is difficult to maintain a brand’s exclusiveness when everybody can access it.

Yet the change was necessary. Recent studies show that high-earners in the United States spend more of their free time online than ever before, and people love to shop when they have some time spare. People who can afford luxury brands will obviously want to shop with them and therefore the more visible the brand is online, the more likely

it is that high-earners will shop with them. This is particularly useful for designer clothing labels, as some of the stigma attached to online shopping has been removed, opening up a new market to them.

This does not necessarily mean that all brands need to have an online shop. It is highly unlikely that people will be expecting a next day delivery for a Ferrari purchased online any time in the next few years! However, with more high-earners online, it is clear that better and more visible advertising on the internet can encourage in store sales, as people who can afford the product are aware of it.