Fur Accessories are Making Their Way Into Luxury Home Interiors



This spring season many owners of luxury properties opt to adorn their interiors with fur décor elements.  This new décor trend has been on the rise since last winter, with a lot of chalets and villas having fur throws and pillows added to their interiors. Once used predominantly as a fashion accessory, today fur is making its way into the ultra stylish interiors.

Fur for a warm winter decoration


Fur accessories help cozy up the décor especially for the cooler months. Soft and silky, this noble fabric dresses up your home adding an element of chic and sophistication to your interior design.

There is a large variety of fur accessories available on the market today: cushions , throws and rugs are just to name a few. Besides, each fur accessory comes in a variety of colours.  Fur in brown hues is used in cottage theme interior design, whereas white fur is often used in loft style decor.

Natural fur in interior design is an expensive accent. That is why many interior designers opt for faux fur or chose to recycle old fur and turn it into a modern accessory. Faux fur fabrics bring fabulous texture and exclusive feel to modern interior design, filling rooms with coziness, warmth and softness. Another way to do adorn your interior and add a touch of luxury to it is to look for bargains on real fur accessories. One such place would be www.fourrure-privee.com/en


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