Electric Superbikes – Redefining Luxury Vehicles


We have all seen the headlines of how many supercar hybrids have taken the luxury goods market by storm. These new technologically advanced supercars are offering the same high-powered performance but with a more sustainable and more economic fuel consumption. However, there are even more ecological options out there! Electric superbikes are redefining the luxury travel market with their futuristic styles and exciting new technology.

Given that fossil fuel resources are rapidly becoming more scarce, we are entering much ‘greener’ times and with this in mind, the 100% electric motorcycles are the perfect replacement. Even for all the petrolheads out there, it is now possible to purchase the ultimate eco-friendly superbike without losing any of the power or speed. These high-performance bikes are a must-have luxury good!

The Lightening LS-218 electric superbike holds the world record for the fastest ground-speed for an electric bike, going from 0-60mph in around 2 seconds and reaching a staggering top-speed of 218mph. With a charge-time of only 30 minutes and a starting price of just $38,888, this luxury 200 horsepower superbike really is more powerful than most standard superbikes and still comes at an affordable price.

Another great example is the Energica EGO. This bike stretches the imagination with its innovative design and mind-blowing technology. It can launch you from 0-100km/h in under 3 seconds and can reach a top speed of 150mph, but at the same time will produce a stunning 0% emissions. What’s more, they cost as little as $34,000!