Classic Cars: A Continued Success Story?

Rolls Royce - Classic car in Monaco

One industry which does not seem to be hit by any crisis is that of luxury car manufacturing. With many companies, from the German owned trio of Porsche, Audi and Bentley to Range Rover, announcing record sales in 2013, it seems that these are fantastic times for petrol heads.

However, it is one thing for the modern day supercar industry to be successful, which tends to come with superb marketing campaigns and a growing need for speed among the rich in emerging economies, yet is it more difficult to see the continued success of the classic car industry? The debate has been sparked by many, how is the classic car industry doing and is there still a place for it in 2014?

Rolls Royce - Classic car in MonacoThe answer is a resounding yes. There are many reasons for owning a classic sports car and many people still understand this. The first reason is the feeling of nostalgia you get, from knowing that you are following in the footsteps of several of the most famous people in the world by driving a classic vehicle. They also have a degree of elegance which cannot necessarily be viewed with a modern day sports car; hence the use of Rolls Royce or Bentley’s over Lamborghini’s for weddings. Cruising down a motorway with the top down and the wind blowing through your hair is one of the finest feelings in life and it is little wonder that a number of contemporary designs try to echo the sports cars of the past.

Additionally, classic cars remain fascinating and have a certain sense of romance; one will just have to take a look at the crowd at the Monaco Classic Grand Prix in 2014 to see just how popular they remain among children and adults alike. Owning a classic car is like being part of a secret members club, people in the street stop and stare, admiring even the finest details down to the vehicle’s interior. Many owners even point to being allowed entrance into cigar and sailing clubs when they become a member of the classic car group.

Yet there is always a risk with older cars which put off some potential buyers. It is true that they need much more servicing than their modern day counterparts. Perhaps the best way to ensure that you can trust a classic is to adopt a try before you buy policy, which is exactly what companies such as Supercar Experiences offer. This UK supercar rental specialist has a number of classic cars to try on weekend and long term rental deals, offering you the chance to taste the lifestyle of an owner before you take the plunge. We are sure once you have experienced the lifestyle, it will be difficult to go back!