Altari, a Handbag like no other


Altari, is a new London-based luxury handbag brand, is on a mission to save ancient craftsmanship from extinction. The designs merge leather mosaics that are hand-stitched with a thick pearled thread and an embroidery technique from the region of Tatarstan, Russia dating back over 1000 years. The Altari collection comprises of modern shapes to create a distinctive, chic, feminine and contemporary handbags. Altari is indeed a cultural take on modern luxury.

The Altari collection is designed in London and Paris. While the actual handbags are made in Italy, all leather mosaics are hand-stitched in and according to the ancient methods of Tatarstan, Russia and then transported to Italy. In Italy, the mosaics join the finest Italian calf leather and gold-plated, hand-brushed brass fittings to ascertain our vision for a handbag like no other. An Altari truly defines what it means to shop for a luxurious leather handbag.

The collection consists of three designs, the Madina, the Venera and the Carla. Altari is taken pre-orders for all Madina (£660) and Venera (£950) models starting in April; orders will be delivered starting May 2019. Purchases can be made directly from the Altari website.

Co-founders Elvira Ganieva and Alessio Villanacci say: “We are immensely proud of bringing to market distinctive designs with a clear purpose, a soul, that represent the mix of our rich cultures and heritage. In reflection of our relationship, Altari builds bridges to create a new generation of luxury products that bring the ancient craft to relevance.”

Only few artisans remain who possess the skills to craft leather mosaics – each one requires several days of meticulous handwork to complete the thousands of stitches that bind a mosaic. This degree of craftsmanship makes each Altari handbag non-repeatable and each collection limited in nature.

The brand is taking meaningful steps to revive the intrinsic value of vanishing craftsmanship. In line with its mission, Altari has pledged 5% of revenue towards training the new generation of leather mosaic artisans.

Model bags presented in the photographs:

  • Madina” clutch in burgundy, is the perfect pop of colour for any given outfit. It features a leather mosaic running the full width of the bag, doubling as the main strap.
  • “Madina” clutch in nude is a must have. The leather mosaic is bound by over 700 stitches, and it is handmade according to the ancient traditions in Arsk, Tatarstan.
  • “Madina” clutch in black is a versatile statement piece. It will complement your daily outfit and make you feel unique.
  • “Venera” leather shoulder bag comes in grey, green and blue presenting a mosaic motif along with the back pocket, folding towards the front of the bag and clipping to the front flap. All fittings are cast in brass, gold-plated and brushed in Italy.
  • Medium size “Carla” satchel comes in two colours – black and white satchel and features a 2000-stitch leather mosaic motif along the side. The “Carla” is equipped with two gold plated handles and comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. It also contains a snap fastening strap closure with a zip compartment attached on the inside. It is truly the epitome of artistry; each bag takes weeks to produce.

The “Carla” satchel in Black – €1800 EUR

The “Venera” shoulder bag – in Blue – €1,100 EUR

The “Madina”clutch in Burgundy – €760 EUR

It doesn’t matter what age you are, Altari handbags are made for every woman who values quality artistry and the little details which make all the difference.