5 Luxurious Themes for Your Lounge


luxury interior designEverybody dreams of achieving high-class, luxury living with their resources, and one of the best ways to flaunt your sophisticated, luxurious taste, is with a chic refurbishment of your property. This can be done by using themes and exotic, contemporary concepts. In recent years, several unique themes and styles have been implemented to incorporate luxury, by using expert interior design services. However the best interior designers allow the client to integrate their own ideas alongside their professional opinion, to ensure that the result is beautiful and suits the client’s needs.

Themes must entail all the elements of comfort, convenience and splendor to depict the personal tastes of the resident, making their home stylish and glamorous. Everyone has their own choice of style and their dream design can be achieved by following one of the five themes mentioned below.

Plum passion
Plum is a colour associated with luxury and you can develop a feeling of fanciness in your lounge just by adding its hue into most important fixtures in the room. A few items, such as furniture, trimmings, lighting and fragile stems of lavender should have a plum tone, whilst the rest of area should remain neutral or white. This will do wonders in converting your bare living area into a glamorous lounge, in which you can throw upmarket parties for other fashion conscious individuals.

Country Club
Adding a country club design to your living area, with inflated furnishes and elaborate, decorative items can have the perfect impact. Colour combinations that have exclusive hues of red, blue and beige can add an ethnic touch. Mount the area with intricate drapes in a neutral shade and cover the floor with floral, hand-made carpet, whilst adding furniture with comprehensive gold details and additional trimmings. To offer outstanding visuals, add classic features, such as; a wooden piano, vintage canvas prints for wall adornments, jeweled lamps, ornate cases or a timeless fireplace.

Nothing could be more luxurious than creating an elegant dreamland of your desires in your living area. Creating a dreamland would require exuberant sophistication to make it come to life. Use gold or bronze as the major colour in the theme, decorate large windows with flares of three tier drapes from neutral to gold and then add a deeper shade of your choice. Be careful to make the flow of colour in matching tones rather than contrasting colours. Antique golden table watches, supporting china vases, a gilded wall mirror and a heavy crystal chandelier are few imperatives to add in the room. Printed, lustrous and thick sofas with Louis chairs should be used to complete the glitzy world of your dreams.

The penthouse concept would look ideal in contemporary housing and would give a sense of lavishness in every detail. The latest interior design trends suggest that a combination of silver and white is in demand from modern living pioneers. You need to keep your setting in just two shades of colour and furnishing should include couches, centre tables, side tables, while light sources should stay white. On the other hand, other details used to embellish the area should be a shimmering shade of silver. If you want a tidy look in the room, keep decoration limited, perhaps with a few decorative wall mirrors, which are an excellent choice to give a spacious, glowing and tasteful design.

luxury interior design ideas

Moscow style
Moscow interior luxury can be implemented in high-ceilinged rooms which have suspended Urbanity chandeliers in dark hues and slender furnishes. A modern convertible centre table, a cream coloured, furry rug and sleek blinds can contribute in adding the classiness of Russian concepts into your lounge. Greens and floras can also help you maintain the grace and style of Moscow.